Thursday, April 7, 2016

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What is Tribal Sovereign Wealth?

Tribal Sovereign Wealth (“TSW”) is a rapidly emerging category of institutional investment capital in North America. Current estimates put investable asset values at more than $50B and growing. The capital is unique because of the sovereign and diverse status of the capital stakeholders, in addition to the co-location of these sovereign entities within the largest economy in the world. This status and location creates interesting opportunities, particularly in the active, direct investing space.

Who am I?

I’m an enrolled tribal citizen of a Federally recognized tribe.  Both my mother and father are citizens as well.

I’ve actively worked in Indian Country since 2008 in the area of Tribal Sovereign Wealth, and in an advisory capacity at the C-Suite level for TSW entities before that time. My education includes a MBA from a top-tier institution, where I was a Fellow with the Center for Private Equity (my research focus was Sovereign Wealth Funds). I oversaw direct investments for the $1B holding company of the largest tribal Nation in the U.S. In this role I’ve constructed diversification and market entry strategy, built teams, designed investment and approval processes, sourced proprietary deals, structured transactions, negotiated purchase agreements, deployed capital, and have realized exceptional returns in a Tribal context.

In addition, I've sat on multiple boards of directors, including other tribal holding companies (each at various stages of development), entrepreneurial and economic development entities, and direct investment organizations. I currently serve as chairman of the investment committee for a tribal sovereign wealth fund and have regular dialogue with multiple leaders across North America who are actively developing the TSW space.

Intent of This Page:
  • My intent is to use this venue to share my experience and fill a knowledge void on Tribal Sovereign Wealth as an investor class.
  • I hope to provide this space as a connection point and reference for Indigenous groups who are interested in diversifying, preserving and growing their wealth so we can continue to grow the TSW infrastructure and ecosystem.
  • I seek to include input from other experts. If you are an expert (or you know someone I should speak with) please contact me.
  • This is new content and may simply be my opinion or experience. I reserve the right to be wrong. Content on this blog does not represent the opinion any affiliated organizations.
  • Content on this page is uploaded in no particular order, other than that's what I decided to write about on a particular day. It's not intended to be read as a book, and it is not all inclusive. (I likely have 10-12 posts in "draft" status at any given time)
  • I will attempt to attribute quotes or knowledge where I have the info. This is not an academic paper, but if you see something I’ve missed, please let me know.
  • That said, all content belongs to me. Please link or credit appropriately.
  • This is a living document. I’m interested in your feedback and reserve the right to edit/change. I’ll probably even edit this post.
  • I may use the term “Tribal” as catch-all shorthand referring to Native organizations (Tribal Nations, Alaska Native Corporations, Native Hawaiian Organizations, First Nations, etc.). No offense intended if you happen to use a different term in your context.
  • I may shorthand the following: TSW = Tribal Sovereign Wealth, TSWF = Tribal Sovereign Wealth Fund(s), ANC = Alaska Native Corporations (may include Regional or Village Corporations), NHO = Native Hawaiian Organizations.
  • Tribal Sovereign Wealth TM, TSW TM, and TSWF TM in case someone wants to try and use these trademark terms for profit in the future. I've been using these terms regularly in public settings since at least 2006.
In Perpetuity,

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