Thursday, April 7, 2016

Possible Topics & Focus

TSW Community:

I'm interested in cultivating a knowledge base that is of use to the community. I welcome your feedback on what is of interest. If have limited experience with a particular, high demand topic I am happy to research of reach out to many of my peers to provide additional insight.

Possible topics include:
  • Introduction to Tribal Business & Investing
  • Interviews with Business and Investing Leaders Across Indian Country
  • Tribal Nations as Sovereign Entities
  • Broader Context of Sovereign Wealth
  • Seed Capital: Sources of Wealth
  • Trends in Established Markets – Case for Diversification
  • Diversification: More Than “Not Gaming”
  • Tribal Business Structures
  • Accredited Investor Status / Tribes as Limited Partners
  • Mission & Purpose
  • Investment Policy / Asset Allocation
  • “Outliers”: Unique Tribal Opportunities Which Defy Modern Portfolio Theory
  • Social Impact – Qualitative and Quantitative Measurement
  • Spending Policy & Dividends
  • Governance – Structures & Processes
  • Investor Relations
  • Starting a TSW Fund – Initial Steps and Considerations
  • Direct Investing – Staff, Budgets, Timelines
Please comment on this post if there are particular topics of interest.

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